A TileListView for Universal Windows

I just released a small library for arrange any visual item in a tiled-fashion, very similar to the famous “start screen” of Windows 8/10, but following a fixed-position configuration.

The source code on GitHub.

The problem with the ordinary tiled-layout views is about the possible re-arrangement of the tiles, thus an user might see a different result upon the actual viewport size. I needed something “fixed” instead. The user should define the layout by editing the grid via drag-and-drop, then that layout will be fixed for any screen. However, the editor should consider more than a single arrangement, whereas the feasible displays can’t fit the desired layout.

The demo leverages an useful MVVM pattern, and allows to define several kind of blocks: fixed, full-sizable, shrinkable, expandable, on just one or both the directions.

The library is working, but at the moment as a beta (several minor problems and refinements to work on). A reasonable prototype to put your hands on, though.

As described, the project is tailored for the Universal Windows Platform, so only Windows 10 (phones and IoT as well) is supported. You must use Visual Studio 2015 on Windows 10 for development also.

2016-03-05 (1)
Editing mode (drag-and-drop to add/move/remove tiles)
2016-03-05 (2)
Blocks size is modifiable at any time
2016-03-05 (3)
The view mode: as any normal hub page.

Have fun!