HatchBrush styles in Windows.Forms

I’m using a very few Windows.Forms framework, because in the past I chose to switch directly from VB6/GDI+ to WPF. By the way the Drawing section of the Windows.Forms framework is a managed wrapped over the excellent GDI+ library.

Today I’m playing around the HatchBrush class. If you read about the HatchStyle property, you may read only a short description: from my (personal) viewpoint, it’s quite insufficient to imagine the exact pattern drawn.

Also, “Googling” briefly, I didn’t found anything I like, so that I’ve written a small application that paints its form with all the available system-defined hatch brushes. That just to obtain a snapshot and nothing else. I’ve tried to post the resulting image as addendum in the MDSN portal, but it seems you can’t add anything but text…styled, but only text.

That’s a pity, because I’d like to have a portal where any user can add its piece of useful infos.

Finally, I’ve decided to post the image here and the small program, together. Just in case anyone want to play around it…

Here is the complete set of hatch brushes:

Here is the program attached:
(Remember to change the .doc extension to .zip)