Pfelders 2014 (and bits)

Just finished our holidays in Pfelders, South-Tyrol, Italy.
Can’t think a better place where relaxing peacefully!
Enjoy some pictures…


Ich bin in Pfleders!

Just a little note to describe the wonderful time I am having here in Pfelders, Suedtirol. This very small village it’s much like a little jewel: very well maintained, and the respect for the environment is tangible.
I am on vacation for ten days. Here the climate is very good: far away from the hot-and-wet climate of Venezia (and the rest of Italy). The elevation here is over 1700 meters above the sea level, so the average temperature is much lower than the normal one.
Once again we chosen a German-speaking land for out holidays.

NOTE: as you may see, my English is somewhat understandable, but no more…Instead, I learned German in the school, and I really love it very much, despite the few occasions of take practice of it.

The landscape.

Pfelders is the German-speaking name of the village, while Plan is the italian version. However, the Suedtirol is a small region of Italy where the people are mostly speaking German. The Italian language is very few used, and some people does not know how to speak it.
Pfelders has no named streets, just a number on the house to identify it in the whole village. There are less than 100 houses!
It is placed at the end of the Passeier-valley, very close to the Austrian border. By the way, the habits here is much more similar to the Tyrolean (Austrian) people than the Spaghetti-and-Pizza fashion. All around you may see high mountains (most of them are about 3000 mt high), covered of green and steep fields. The valley is marked by a small torrent, which is sourced by hundreds of smaller water flows. Most of them are coming from the hightest peaks, where the snow is melting during the hot season, but never at all.
There are many farms here, but they are called “Alm” in German, and “malga” in Italian. They still own animals such cows, sheeps, goats, chickens, and so away.
It looks so strange such a world (that would be *normal*) for people like us, coming from the big city, where the milk is coming from the mall, as long the eggs and cheese. We must think more frequently about the REAL sustainable living, instead the fake illusion of the industry benefits.

The breakfast.

We took a small flat for rent, thus we can arrange the meals accordingly to my wife’s food problems about lactose and gluten. Anyway, we chosen to make our breakfast in the neighbour “Pension”, because they may conveniently set up meals even without lactose, nor gluten.
My wife is at the seventh heaven!
The Pension Rosmarie owners are a lovely couple of young cooks. Verena has been awarded as first in regional contest, and third in the worldwide contest in Helsinki!

It’s time to close. Here are a bunch of pictures taken in the past days, hoping you’ll enjoy them!
Bis bald!

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