AngularJS experimental page routing/templating

This is my very first post about “pure-web” tech, and it’s also very short. I began to deal with those things some months ago, but I feel there’s a long road to walk.
Here is an attempt to re-think the Single-Page (web) Application (a.k.a. SPA) using Angular-JS, toward a more abstracted templating way. The reasons behind a similar solution are pretty hard to understand only reading this post, but shortly I’ll post a much larger yet concrete framework for telemetry applications.
As a hint, think the ability to compose a page from a series of components, and store/retrieve the layout on any persistent medium (e.g. file, database, etc)

From what I meant, AngularJS is among the closest web-frameworks to the desktop’s WPF, which is (at least in my mind) the best framework for LOB apps.
However, I noticed that the ability to reuse components, abstract views and so away, is still somewhat not yet standardized, nor used. That’s because I thrown myself in this challenge, and the result isn’t bad as expected (for a web-dev noob like me).
A short video should explain way better than thousand words how the result is:

Follow the project on the Github repository:
Stay tuned for hotter articles in the near future!


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